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#WebSeriesReview Star Trek Picard

This is another one where the detractors are a loud minority. Season one was epic. Star trek has completely ignored the Romulans since DS9. In DS9 the Tal Shiar was obliterated by the Dominion, and then in 2387 their star went supernova. The Romulans have had a tough time and Picard brings the aftermath into the canon brilliantly.

The Romulan villains, Oh and Narissa, were a little too cheesy and mustache twirling for my liking, like they came out of the mirror universe. The third Romulan villain, Narek, is much more nuanced and maybe not entirely bad.

The Star Trek Picard  part of season one that got the most grief was the android arc. Soji and her true identity were kind of the b-plot for the first half of the season.

The time spent on the cube subjected to Narek’s manipulating and gaslighting was hard to watch, but still important to the story, I guess.

The casting is solid. Not as good as Discovery but solid. Patrick Stewart is always excellent, but my favorite characters are Rios (and his holograms) and Raffi.

Elnor is a very interesting character, being absolutely candid, sweet, innocent, and extremely deadly at the same time. After Narek’s gaslighting, it’s pretty obvious he’s going to be the love interest for Soji.

The only thing that was a little too ham handed was Seven of Nine’s return.

She’s always awesome, but the Kill Bill style revenge arc they throw her right into is just a little cheesy, and so are her lines every time she gets revenge.

On that note, the extremely graphic death of Icheb (the ex borg kid from Voyager) was pretty over the top. I had to keep reminding myself those were cables attached to his eyeball.

The end of the season could have been done a little better.

I wanted to see more of the sythetic Lovecraftian monsters. A few mechanical tentacles poking out of a portal was a let down.

The reasons any Star Trek Picard show was ever good:

1. It had a balance between technology, space, action, and most importantly comedy.

2. Every season had 26 episodes, not 10, not 6, not 4, not 2. It wasn’t lazy. 7 season run, or hope for it, and watch about 180 episodes.

3. There was always more than one well written character.

The show had it’s share of narcs and backstabbers, but there were plenty of interesting characters to enjoy, were fun.

4. You never knew where the show would go next. storylines had been actually what slowly ruined any series.

New materials and concepts, new adventures and disasters had been the bread and butter of one of the best episodes.

5. Forward thinking ideals mattered.

Sure there were dog-people and the like. Worf’s howling and the way his title looks as if a mixture of woof and arf weren’t wonderful selections, however his character grew past these limitations to change into the longest working in the show’s history.

It was never about how everything is wrong. It was about how it can and was being done better.

6. Star Trek Picard shows is as flawed as JJ Abrams foolish movie trilogy which featured a terrible Rage Against the Machine soundtrack, Muppets, and enough spinning to make me puke. Thanks for the solar flares too buddy. The show is supposed to be smart, fun, and wild.

I know why I like Star Trek Picard . Feel welcome to disagree with my opinion. I do not like Star Trek Picard. I do not like Star Trek Picard Discovery.

There are plenty of writers who can do better if the opportunity.

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