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she” as the name itself suggests that somewhere women empowerment web series one time watch.
Aditi Pohankar is outstanding with her acting skills. To be honest I saw her for the first time with acting.
Vijay is as usual brilliant with his character.

He has been consistent throughout his career with his acting. I hope he does not go unnoticed like other stars. .
First episode is fast moving and will generate interest, however, as the story progresses it focuses on bhumi rather than the drug cartel

Last episodes’s last scene is a total blunder and one can easily make out that director wants to jump to next season (hopefully with something better this time).

 Unnecessary sexual scenes and nudity at some level ruins most of the story. Story begins beautifully making viewers think it’s a thriller but it becomes more of a family drama from 2nd and 3rd episode.

A simple lady constable becomes an interrogator is the toughest part to believe. Actors give their 100% to make it look better but poor story line and fake feminism ruins it.

It’s a predictable thriller series and hardly one time watch kind of series so if you are free enough in this lockdown then surely you should not miss it and especially beautiful Aditi 😍

I have found a new liking and respect for quality content in Netflix. She is very different Web series in Netflix from all blood,gore and violence that we see in Sacred Games, Mirzapur etc.

The Central character is a very subdued down to earth lady constable Bhumika Pardesi.

The way she transforms herself into a escort class prostitute to trap a drug lord is amazing. She seems to suddenly realize her inner sexuality and power through the mission.

This is one Web series I couldn’t resist watching the next episodes one after another. The portrayal of sexual acts are very natural and actors do a very good job is depicting that.

However since I am not from Mumbai find some of Mumbaikar slangs difficult to understand.
Please don’t watch with parents or children as it has some strong sex scenes and language.

The way her character changes through the season “she” most interesting part of web series . 

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It shows how she’s been constantly used, exploited, or taken for granted, not just by men but also the women in her life. Nothing she does is appreciated, and people don’t hesitate to ever ridicule her.

She’s used by her superiors at work where they push her into a dangerous game.

She’s taken for granted by her family. She has a dark past of men abusing and objectifying her. And finally, she finds the power in her to stand alone and act how she wishes. Her own power becomes more important than any morality, because morality is subjective.

The “good” guys have a dark, exploitative side and the “bad” guy has understandable reasons to be the way he is. In fact, the bad guy seems to be the only person who wants to see the real her

Among the best netflix originals created by indian cinema. The story principally is a few feminine constable who has been recruited to antinarcotics group to work for a secret mission which was to lure the chief of a drug trafficking gang. The character growth of the constable was simply wonderful.

She was taken with no consideration, objectified and abused as a toddler and even after her marriage.

She did a lot for her household nonetheless she did not obtain the appreciation she deserved. Whereas on this mission she exploits the darkish aspect of her which brings extra confidence in her and likewise makes her an unbiased particular person.

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