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Serious men revolves around a common man named Mani essayed by Nawaz who possible factor which he didn’t get as a child to his only son, Adi portrayed by child actor Akshath Das.

Nawaz performs that father who defies all odds to present his son the perfect alternatives and a life stuffed with privilege.

Based on Manu Joseph’s 2010 novel of the identical identify,

The Serious men movie is a Satirical darkish comedy, Superbly written by Bhavesh Mandalia. It touches each facet of Indian society and a satire on training system and casteism. The primary half is terrific and is laced with a number of hilarious and witty moments.

The plot is exclusive and one thing by no means seen earlier than in Bollywood and that goes closely in its favour too.

The 2nd half alternatively is a bit dragged and feels unexciting, however keep on with it because the climax and the finale is the largest USP of the movie Serious Men . I Completely liked it.

Talking of performances: Nawazuddin Siddiqui as typical is in nice type and steals the present in each scene.

Aakshath Das (youngster actor) leaves an enormous mark and is just like the second lead of the movie. Shweta Basu Prasad, M Nasser and Sanjay Narvekar amongst others have accomplished a commendable job.

With a single web series Serious men , Sudhir Mishra has highlighted a number of subjects. The movie exhibits how far one can go to verify their youngsters aren’t subjected to the discrimination they confronted due to caste. It is a heartbreaking darkish comedy that hits you laborious.

All in all Critical Males is significantly excellent. With out being too preachy, it sends a key message to all of us.

And All because of Director Sudhir Mishra for efficiently making a price watching & impactful movie. Will certainly advocate you all to look at it this weekend.

Critical Males is a darkish satirical drama based mostly on a guide by Manu Joseph. The affiliation of Nawazuddin with Netflix continues to ship high quality cinema.

Few weeks in the past we had seen in film Pareeksha how a rickshaw puller goes to each extent to safe his kid’s future. Now now we have Nawaaz taking part in a backward tamil man keen to take any step to do the identical.

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This is without doubt one of the greatest works from Sushir Mishra lately. The Serious men  sharp storytelling not only sheds gentle on the forged and sophistication divide present in our society but additionally talks about aspirations of Indian mother and father.

The expectations they’ve from their kids & the strain it creates on a toddler killing his childhood types the crux of the story Serious men.

Any person rightly mentioned Nawaaz is our nationwide treasure and you might be continuously reminded of this reality whereas watching the movie.

He’s in high type right here supported brilliantly by the kid actor Aakshath Das. Its a delight watching each of them as a father son duo. Remainder of the forged is nice of their respective roles.

Critical Males provides to the repertoire of Nawaaz and is a related watch which does not fail to entertain. Don’t miss this one on Netflix!

It’s a should watch,very touching ,but miserable and coronary heart breaking at instances.
Nawazuddin siddiqui has accomplished a superior job along with his character , and the little boy Adi too .

Matter may be very very delicate , we’re 2020 ,we discuss 5G, electrical automobiles, meals with liquid nitrogen, designer garments and lots of extra issues.

Currently real man indian have so important issues to deal with at like :-

1.Indian education system , which only focus on grades and competition.
2.Reservations vs merit systems
3. Black / white
4. Power of position
5. Crazy father to give everything to his child whatever was missing in his own child.
6. Competition , comparison.
What was missing in the movie from my point of view : no one talks about mental health ,
It was heart breaking to see the pressure of performance on child and father both .Mental health is so so fragile .it’s invisible but it comes with many other issues .
I would say everyone should watch it !

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