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#WebSeriesReview Rogue city

Rogue city Good picture, good acting, but the storyline needed work, a LOT of work.

I couldn’t understand why so many new characters were being introduced mid-the ending of the film with no tie or relevance to the greater plot, just a random character ordering hits.

It just felt like the unskillful intersection of multiple storylines stuffed in a 1.5 hr film. Maybe it needed to be a series, but only if the development/writing improved bc this film Rogue city stressed me out with ALL the nuisances and loose ends.

The ending was upsetting, and not in an artsy, conversational or analytical way, but in an “I’m tired of editing this script, let’s just kill everybody even if it doesn’t make sense and the concept is undeveloped” kind of way.

And what was up with the botched voice over effect? Is the film Rogue city recorded in a different language bc it’s like they muted the actors’ real voices and had someone read over the lines, w/o syncing timing/lip movements or even the whole phrases in some instances; that was quite ghetto to be honest. Underwhelming, but overwhelming at the same time.

I was just very confused while watching it. Like who’s this now? Why do these two guys look alike? This one’s having an affair with that one and the other one with this one.

It was just way too mixy with poor character/plot development and insight to motives (the homi/suicide, etc.)

I’ve always liked French cop / crime films even when I thought British reviewers tended to go over-the-top in considering them as dead arty.

Rogue city film is a fairly unremarkable example of the unshaven, leather-jacketed cops-little-better-than-the-criminal type flic flick. But it suffers from a confused storyline and an ambiguous and unpersuasive finale.

Make that ‘very unpersuasive’. A decent end would have bumped this up in my grading but I think I will add a little for the location work to edge it up to 3 stars.

The overall theme I liked which is what made me interested in this film. However, once the movie started the subtitles didn’t even match the words the actors/actresses were stating. The timing was off to with the sound and when they were actually speaking. It was an OKAY movie – but I thought it was going to be much better


Rogue city three stars, because it’s clearly watchable, especially if you like impenetrable French gangster movies… But I can think of too many ways it could easily have been improved to rate it any higher

Well, I can’t rate very highly a Rogue city movie I had to look up on online after I watched it to make sense of the plot. That said, I did watch the whole thing to the end, something I seem to have more and more trouble doing with movies lately, and I would say I enjoyed much of it, so make of this what you will.

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