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I absolutely loved and love this Tv Series! It keeps you on the edge, all night! I’ve had countless late nights running mornings series! I hope they continue to make more series seasons. Super pleasing to look at and watch!

If you’ve scrolled passed this Television series and wonder exactly “If this is a great binge watch” I highly recommend watching it.
The actors are wisely chosen for their parts! Lucifer really is the light bringer and brings light to your heart while watching this Comedy, Action, Romance, and Drama show. THIS IS A MUST SEE! I Quote, “IM IN LOVEEEE!” ❤️❤️😩

Seeing all the Archangels intermingle with humans is interesting. Following along with our one and only Lucifer himself, fall for Decker is amazing. Maze is an amazing character, I love her combat skills, she’s always ready to brawl and defend.

With her toughness, and stubbornness, she reminds me of myself. Chloe is beautiful and I don’t think they could have picked anyone better than her to play that role! She absolutely fits her character! Seeing the unknown beef between Dan and Lucifer is hilarious!

I love when Lucifer plays oblivious when He is actually the cause of a situation. So clueless and it’s never on purpose! 😂😂

Heed my warning ⚠️ you are going to love this TV series!
I started Lucifer on the 4th of July, and I’m still watching it in October!

The show is about Satan himself getting tired of the same old same old damnation and torture of restless souls, so he decides to take a vacation in LA for a few months.

After a lot of sex, drugs, and drinking, he decides to stay for a little longer, and then he gets caught up in a murder investigation with a very pretty detective who he starts to catch feels for.

That was just the plot of season 1, although it carries onto season 2, 3, and 5.

very simple character (surprisingly) and although he can sometimes be annoying he’s still very funny and easygoing.
I ended up disliking the detective more than I disliked .

She was too hard and mean and tough, but then she almost dies and suddenly she wants to give everybody a hug. There’s a whole reddit thing about her personality and nobody liking her, but she’s an important character so I don’t really care.

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Every episode of  involves a murder of some sort. Lucifer usually makes everything about himself, in season 1

he was obsessed with bringing to justice the killers and trying to sleep with the detective, in season 2 he was obsessed with his dad telling him what to do, and in season 3 he was obsessed with being the devil and defying his godly father.

I find it funny when Lucifer acts self centered, just because peoples reactions are always *facepalm* “Lucifer no-” but I guess to some people it can get old. Not me though!

My close friend was forced to sit through a few episodes of  a few months ago when we were hanging out, and she told me the acting was worse than her anxiety.

I was personally offended because Lucifer got me through a breakup, and the show has always been a great pass time when I need to waste 40 minutes, but everyone is entitled to their opinion so what am I gonna do about it?

I think you should watch Lucifer if you are into cosmic beings and devils and magic. very charming, and Tom Ellis is an excellent singer! My favorite part of Lucifer (ever) was the scene in season 2 episode 16.

The two of them try to escape from the institution, and in the aesthetically pleasing scene they walk through a room of patients who are going wild and ripping up pillows and setting fire to stuff. The song “In Black Out” plays and it’s just to pretty and funny and cool.

Watch Lucifer right now! It’s sooo good, and the only reason I don’t have a fifth star is because I haven’t finished season 4 yet. Season 5 looks dope though.

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