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#WebSeriesReview Lahore Confidential

Lahore Confidential :

STORY: The story revolves around an Indian spy Ananya and an ISI agent Rauf Ahmed Kazmi. The two, unaware of each other’s identity, fall head over heels in love and their romantic tale blossom in the middle of growing tension across Indo-Pak borders.

REVIEW: ‘Lahore Confidential’ revolves around an emotional Indian woman Ananya (Richa Chadda), who has a simple desk job in Research and Analysis Wing (R&AW).

However, her routine life takes a U-turn when she finds herself on a secret intelligence duty in Pakistan. There she meets a well-connected man in Lahore, Rauf Ahmed Kazmi (Arunoday Singh) who organises mushairas (Urdu poetry social gatherings) and cultural events.

Their love for Urdu literature brings them together and the two, unaware of each other’s identity, fall for each other. But what happens when Ananya and Rauf discover the truth about one another?

The movie Lahore Confidential Directed by Kunal Kohli, this spy thriller is grounded in contemporary realities of growing strains across the India-Pakistan border along with the romantic tangent between R&AW and ISI agent.

It starts off well with a promise of chaos between the agents across borders. However, soon enough the story shifts from them catching the mastermind funding these terrorists’

groups to the romantic angle of Ananya and Rauf: which is disappointing.

During the entire course of the movie (that is 1hr 8mins), the plotline juggles between the two genres—romantic and espionage—that doesn’t contribute enough to the development of the story as none of the angles have been explored completely.

Creator S. Hussain Zaidi’s concept had the potential but looks like the writer Vibha Singh presents a hurried narrative that needed some in-depth handling and taut storytelling.

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