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jeet ki zid :

Amit Sadh-starrer Jeet Ki Zid is based on the real-life story of Kargil war hero Major Deep Singh Senger, who was left wheelchair-bound after sustaining injuries during a mission, only to rise like a Phoenix. There are several elements which set apart the ZEE5 web series from your regular war drama.

Amit Sadh’s Major Senger is a part of the Special Forces. As expected, we see his recruitment, training, failures and several other moments. But, despite the uniform and the guns, there isn’t the usual chest-thumping patriotism. The makers instead shed light on the functioning of the Special Forces.

Yet, jeet ki zid is more than just the Special Forces. The story is rather about “the army behind the army” (the title of one of its episodes).

There’s Major Senger’s wife Jaya, his close friend Surya and his commanding officer Colonel Choudhary – all of whom are on a mission to uplift Senger’s spirit as he struggles physically and mentally post his injury.

Needless to say, jeet ki zid thoroughly belongs to Amit Sadh, who’s getting better with every project. But here, he’s pushed his boundaries, be it his physical strength or acting prowess.

It is arguably his best performance till date. The show also relies heavily on other actors. Amrita Puri is a surprise package. It is Amrita’s character Jaya’s zid (stubbornness) which becomes Senger’s backbone.

I really wish she gets more such strong parts. And, I am also glad Sushant Singh is picking amazing roles off late. As the ruthless trainer of Major Senger, who ends up as his saviour, Sushant is a great casting choice.

Also, Aly Goni in a supporting part just when he’s already being loved by the Bigg Boss fans, helps the show.

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