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coolie no 1 the film, EXCEPT for the leads!
Sara proved she CANT ACT at all.
I liked her as a person but her dialogue delivery, expressions , etc were a BIG DISAPPOINTMENT,
NO where even near karishma!

At least the HERO’s acting is better than the heroine, and the side cast like Paresh raval, Rajpal yadav, Javed jaffrey, Johny Liver, etc put in efforts which made the film watchable

At least the HERO’s acting is better than the heroine, and the side cast like Paresh raval, Rajpal yadav, Javed jaffrey, Johny Liver, etc put in efforts which made the film watchable.

I also liked the fact that we got a little bit of 90’s vibe through the film, but everyone seemed to be trying too hard.

Most of the things didnt make sense considering the fact that this movie was made in 21ST CENTURY!!!

1. Because almost EVERYONE has a cellphone today,
So the husband could have called his wife or texted her atleast if he is going somewhere overnight, 🤦🏻
And both twin brother should have had DIFFERENT phones with them

So it would have been easier to spot a fraud who ghosts the wife for long periods & doesn’t pick up your phones when you are with his twin 🤷🏻

2. Plus people use INTERNET for everything now.
from GOOGLE, to Instagram, & many social media platforms to do a background check or find information about famous & rich personalities.

So its not like the 90’s where it was easy to deceit & fake information about a company, or house or person.

3. Moreover today’s women prefer to have some SELF RESPECT and their own IDENTITY,
Instead if being tied with a LIER & FRAUD.
so FORGIVING without even him apologizing properly, just because he is the “only HUSBAND” was lame🙄

4. Lastly,
How did the MAMA even got lost in this era.😄
Why nobody else bothered to contact him or filed his missing report?
why didnt he try to CALL his family or just book a direct cab to his home town or atleast go to PS for help?

Why she wanted to go to MANDIR midway as a devotee if she was a catholic?
How can anybody confuse someone for a plumber, when he is clearly wearing a DRIVERS UNIFORM?🤦🏻

There are SO MANY loopholes.
So many illogical, unrealistic & unscientific scenes in the film that will give you a HEADACHE if you try to make sense if it🤕

coolie no 1 full movie watch on amazon prime1

In short,
It just didnt live up to the hype, but atleast its better than the horrendous SADAK 2!
Overall Its a one time watch only if you have free time.

Varun Dhawan is an excellent actor and a dancer. But the premise of this coolie no 1 movie is stupid….yea, it is really stupid. Right now you may not be feeling or even believing it but when you will see the movie then you will realize.
Maybe it may have worked in the ’90s but now…….no chance.

I didn’t remember the original movie as I have seen it in my childhood.
So I don’t know how much is copied and how much or what kind of new changes have been made in this.
But personally, if you wanna watch this movie then just remember one thing:
Forget about Logic and don’t complain about it.

So just go to some site like worldfree4u or something else, maybe torrent or something, and download it.
And watch it just for fun. [ At least it’s not worth it for you to spend money ]

The time/age we live in or are living in right now is not appropriate for this kind of genre or premise.
But I have to say action scenes, dance is excellent.

Acting is also good….not best if you wanna compare it with other big actors who have more than 20 or maybe more yrs. of experience. Then remember Varun still has time and age for improving himself more.

But in Dance and Action, he is only behind some stars like Vidyut, tiger, Allu Arjun, Hrithik … in case of fighting and dance. And in acting, he is behind many…….. lol.

Now a detailed summary:
The plot, dialogues, and even their actions and reactions are something that can be very famous in the ’90s but right now.

It looks just lame.
It doesn’t matter who it is…like Paresh Rawal, Rajpal Yadav, Javed Jaffrey, or johnny lever…etc.

all are just lame. As they are not suitable or their actions, actions, reactions, dialogues just didn’t work in modern times in this coolie no 1 movie.

You will know it in just 10 minutes of video starting….that this movie is not for this century. [ It is for ’90s].

I even doubt whether this movie will be able to cover even it’s budget…
Heroine entry in 24 minutes from the start of the coolie no 1 movie .

I mean……love at first sight. It’s crazy as people just confuse themselves.
But still, the movie coolie no 1 is not boring.

There are too many problems like Paresh Rawal can’t see mc like he is Mr. India and a mother will just ask for help instead of saving her child and no person other than mc will come forward to help. Even though their chances were much higher for saving the child instead of mc as he was very far.

And who said heroine acting is bad….She is a very good actor. Even varun has done a great job.

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