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Bicchoo Ka Khel

‘Scorpion’s Game’ is an average crime-romantic drama series that feels like watching, as if a Hindi detective novel is read, called Pulp Fiction and pulp literature in the language of the elite class.

From the title of the series bicchoo ka khel to the screenplay, ‘Scorpion Ka Khel’ comprises all of the spices that go into such novels so as to add leisure.

It’s because ‘Scorpion recreation’ is a display screen adaptation of the detective novel author Amit Khan’s novel by the identical title.

The riders of the collection bicchoo ka khel have additionally tried to not twist that feeling of their writing.

Harassing novels, layer-by-layer collections and revelations, abusive mixture of dialogues, colourful characters … and all that makes the viewer take the identical guts as they learn the jacuzzi novels.

Jugalbandi of pulp fiction and cinema has been done before. Famous writer Ved Prakash Sharma’s novel ‘Bahu Maange Insaaf’ came out in 1985 with ‘Bahu Ki Awaaz’ starring actors like Naseeruddin Shah, Rakesh Roshan, Om Puri and Supriya Pathak.

However, Akshay Kumar’s hit film ‘Sabseet Khiladi’ is the most managed example of pulp fiction and cinema’s jugalbandi.

It was based on Ved Prakash Sharma’s Lallu novel. In 2010, the series bicchoo ka khel based on his famous character Keshav Pandit aired on ZeeTV.

The web series bicchoo ka khel ‘Scorpion game’ is a 9-week series to take this forward. The time frame for each stage is an average of 20 minutes, due to which the series seems to be running. The story of ‘Scorpion game’ is set in Varanasi, the city of salvation and liberation.

Akhil shoots and shoots Anil Chaubey in a packed atmosphere and then he can commit suicide by going to the police station. Here, Akhil narrates his entire story in front of police officer Nikunj Tiwari . Akhil also loves Anil Chaubey’s daughter Rashmi Chaubey .

. Babu has an illicit affair with Mukesh’s wife Pratima Chaubey. One night Bablu is trapped in the murder of Bahubali Munna Singh ).

He gets murdered in prison after some trends. Akhil sets out to avenge the murder of father Babu, and several new cannons are revealed in this sequence. There are some shocking revelations.

How Akhil is going to save himself from the charge of killing Anil Chaubey? How does one reach Babu’s killer? It is a scorpion game.

Bakshi may be very a lot the identical. Initially, plainly Divyendu has not been fully out of character but.

However, because the collection progresses in the direction of the tip, Divyendu begins to handle to separate Akhil from Munna Tripathi.

Anshul Chauhan has began nicely in Rashmi’s character. His chemistry with Divyendu is superb. Rashmi’s character is flaky, which she performs nicely.

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