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#WebSeriesReview Abhay 2

Abhay 2 – the dark crime thriller! S2

Quick paced crime tales which options grotesque actual life murders akin to Nithari Killings.
Story revolves around succesful STF officer Abhay who solves every case with effortless ease. In between he deals with his personal life crisis also.

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Although the script is entertaining you will get confused in Past- Present stories.Not at all recommended for light hearted

Horrific murders, cannibalism, gory scenes and bloodshed makes it unbearable to watch Abhay 2 in certain scenes. Which Abhay 2 is way too much .
Khunal Khemu did a fantastic job with the role of a super cop.
Anupriya Goenka’s cameo is treat to watch as she gives goosebumps with her expressions.
But the female cast is the lowest point of the show. Lady officers Natasha and Komal acted pathetically.

Overall little disappointing but definitely one time watch!

Unbearably gruesome, sick and a total cringefest…Couldn’t watch beyond episode 3..it’s just way too dark.

Based in true events as it is mentioned in the opening theme of the show, brutal crimes Abhay 2 like the Nithari killings and Neeraj Grover murder have been covered so extensively and in depth already by the over enthusiastic media that we definitely don’t need a web series based on these events for entertainment!

kunal did a fantastic job ,however following points were bit negative.
Sandeepa dhar as Komal looked such a misfit as STP officer .
So was Natasha , she seemed good as a pati patni woh character however doesnt glued very properly as particular officer.

Abhay 2 Brilliant piece of work and the director’s vision is clear which can be seen while watching the series and it contains such things which can corrupt the mind of the individuals so decide and watch it.
The Story is good and the direction is superb.

some of the most difficult cases were too easily solved without much effort from Abhay 2 that it looked a cakewalk.

if he was aware that natasha is killer of Divya than how could he behave so nicely ( complicated ) ..

he had to getinto an accident to kill natasha wheras he was too convinced when govind was killed to save the child .

the script had multiple loopholes in believe.

but a brave attempt to bring to life some of the most dreadful crime cases happened in UP.
3/5 is a good score with 0.5 as extra point for Abhay 2 ( kunal kemu )

This Abhay 2 web series is just wow🔥😍 best suspense thriller series I have ever watched. It’s a series which I will watch the whole season in one go.. the story is really amazing and Kunal Khemu has done a great job.

Every episode has something new and interesting twist, infact this is worth watching.💯

Abhay 2 One word awesome…. Fast pace, intense, full thrill, emotion, brilliant stories, crisp editing, perfect screenplay, superb acting

It has everything to be a one of d best thriller ever…

Kunal khemu is exeptional… Paisa n tym vasool👍👌

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